The Lure is the second episode of the first season of Siren. It is also the second half of the two-hour premiere on March 29, 2018.


Ben and crew of The North Star uncover a device emitting a strange sound. Meanwhile, Ryn finds shelter in the home of the local folklore expert.[2]

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  • Tammy Gillis as Deputy Marissa Staub
  • Hannah Levien as Janine
  • Jennifer Koenig as Vicki
  • Veronkia Hadrava as Nurse Donna Stevenson
  • Graeme Duggy as Deputy
  • Vaughn Clements as Foreman Rob
  • Ellen Ewusie as Tanya
  • Tatyana Forrest as Trailer Park Mom
  • Alex Lee as Customer
  • Phillip Glenn Reed as Donnie's Neighbor
  • Jaymee Mak as Goth Checkout Girl

Trivia Edit

  • The table read began on August 2, 2017.[3]
  • Filming began in the early hours of August 4, 2017.[4][5]

Quotes Edit

Ben: "Helen Hawkins seems to know a lot about this stuff. I'm hoping she'll have some answers."
Maddie: "Well, there she is. The town nut-job."
Ben: "Yeah. Maybe don't say that in front of her."

Helen: "These creatures were massacred once. It could happen again."

Maddie: "She has a quality. It's hard to explain, I don't know, like... Like I was drawn to her."
Ben: "Me too."

Maddie: "There were two of them out there. Her sister's the one who got caught."

Soundtrack Edit

  • Open Your Eyes by Tyler Blackburn
  • Highway Tune by Greta Van Fleet
  • Start A Riot by Flint Eastwood

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