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Susan Bishop is the estranged wife of Dale Bishop and long-lost mother to his stepdaughter Maddie.

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Her first husband had died from unknown causes when Maddie was a little girl, which resulted in Susan remarrying Dale. However, their marriage seemed to have became complicated and she left her young daughter in the care of her second husband while she lived far off. According to Dale, she maybe is "being guided".

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Although she did contact her daughter and estranged second husband on occasion, it had been eight whole months until Maddie had heard from her. In the Season 1 finale, "Aftermath" her voice is heard for the first time, having contacted her daughter who was surprised to hear her voice after so many years.

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Susan was originally married to another man, Maddie's biological father, for a time. They conceived and Susan bore him one child, who is now Maddie Bishop. It is unknown how strong their romance and marriage was before his disappearance.

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Dale is Susan’s second husband. Not much was known about the strength of their relationship starting out. However strong it was, they are now separated for at least several months, ever since Susan mysteriously disappeared from Bristol Cove.

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Susan is the biological mother of Maddie. It is unknown how close they were prior to Susan’s sudden months-long absence. Maddie said once though that she and Dale should stop including her in their prayers at dinner time. After months of not hearing from her, Maddie receives a sudden call from Susan, which surprises Maddie.

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Season 1 Edit's me.
— Susan to her daughter on the phone after many years of being apart[src]

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