Siren Song is the irresistibly hypnotic song possessed only by mermaids to hypnotically allure human men to their deaths via "the enchantment song" by making them go down under the sea willingly. It is a melodious, angelic song of vocals, without lyrics to tell those who are enchanted and obsessed with the mermaid who sings it what to do in lyrics. Eventually, the Siren Song leads the person that hears it to hallucinate seeing that mermaid everywhere and hearing their Siren Song out in the ocean. The person will then be driven into the water to find that mermaid and eventually drown.

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About the Siren Song Edit

It was more than 150 years ago that a fisherman had fallen in love with a mermaid in these very waters, enchanted by her beautiful siren song.
— Young Boy to the crowd in "Pilot"
Ryn sang it me the night we first met.
— Ben to Maddie
Will you sing to me again?"
— Ben to Ryn
She sang to escape from you. Not because she loves you.
— Ryn to Decker about Donna's use of her siren song
For some it means great love, but to others it can dangerous. Obsession.
— Helen to Maddie about the melodiously hypnotic siren song.
I didn't know my song would do this.
— Ryn's regret at how her hypnotic melodious singing voice has deeply affected Ben

Trivia Edit

  • It has different, stronger mind-blowing effects on the one who hears it more than once; from great love to dangerous obsession.
  • It's angelic sounds are effective even through glass and long distances.