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Hello <insert name here>! Welcome to my wall. Got any inquires or concerns? Leave a message down below.
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  • I. I didn't know you were admin here. I did not know this wiki had come into existence.

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  • I thought the other thread has gotten super long, so why not create a new one? Anyway, I was wondering if we can have 13 Reason Why as affiliates for the Criminal Minds Wiki?

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    • That looks odd. I did change the theme designer because I wanted to test out a new phrase instead of "Ever Enchanting..." but I realized the new thing was too long. I did notice the change in the wordmark but on theme designer it it looked fine and unchanged. I downloaded and reuploaded it. It looks fine on my end. What about you?

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    • Now it looks fine :P

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  • Now we can finally talk here, after I enabled Message Wall. So, how do you like my redesign?

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    Echo Spy
    Echo Spy closed this thread because:
    Gotten a bit long plus the main topic of the thread has finished discussion a long time ago.
    15:50, August 16, 2017
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