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  • Fan26 wrote: The Poofymamoth is not DiegoSmilodon-he created it because he was asked by him to do it off-wiki, as DiegoSmilodn said he would. Plus, PoofyMammoth has been editing there since March of 2016.

    I honestly have no idea why Nerfmaster8 came to that conclusion that me and DiegoSmilodon share the same IP. Can you double check please? Nerfmaster8 blocked me on Ice Age Wikia, claiming I am Diego when I only helped him since he asked me to start the demotion vote, much to Nerfmaster8's fustration. And due to his recent noticeably harsh and threatening behavior which, as I heard, other concuils noticed too, he started to accuse and block every newly joined member on Ice Age wikia without even asking for 'checkuser' as I requested in the demotion vote. I can't consider this elsehow than Nerfmaster8's childish revenge campaign and I don't think it fits to an Admin's behavioral etiquette. Somehow I have a feeling he wants to prevent the demotion vote when, if you look at the demotion vote forum, there are some user who have been accused by Nerfmaster8 when they had nothing to do with Diego and therefore as far as I can tell, they would like to see some changes to be executed on the community, starting with the Admin. I can understand why they want it and they have the right to ask for it. This clearly caused Nerfmaster8 to start acting off, taunting, accusing, name calling. Then as his last desperate move, he put premanent block on Diego and he blocked me too just because I tried to disqualofy Davidjimnez due to him having no right to vote there when he made no edit on that community, nor being an active member on it even though the Staff clearly stated that these are the conditions to be abke to vote. Members or admins from others communities with having no edits on ours should not be able to vote. I think Nerfmaster8 latest act was unfair, illegitimate and unauthorized from someone who has responsibility after the comminity and actions but lately it seems, Nerfmaster8 is unable to cooperate with these responsibilities and rather chose the easiest way to "get rid of" anyone who dares to speak against his will. I don't want to be part of a community under his tyranny when he can't oprate the page in a proper method anymore, and I can tell, that neither do others want to as this can be the explained by the lack of member activity across the community. Nerfmaster8 rather gave credit to Davidjimnez who acted in a really rude, trolling manner which is not competable with the Wikia's policy. He did the same as Nerfmaster: accusing every newly joined member to be Diego in a rude manner, and he is still insulting me on the Wikia page still claming his false incrimination. I started the demotion vite fair and clean, yet Nerfmaster and Davidjimnez created a background alliance to prevent it's ppmossibly sucessful outcone. If you are a neutral Staff member then please don't let him influence the voting by his illegitimate tricks intrigues.

    Thank you.

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    • I apologize for the very late reply, but unfortunately I cannot help you as I am not a FANDOM Staff member so I can't check IP addresses. However, I'm confident that Nerfmaster8 or someone else did share a picture of a FANDOM email that confirmed you have the same IP address as Diego.

      I wish I can help but this isn't my battle nor can I provide the weapons for it. Good luck.

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    • This reply has been removed
    • A FANDOM user
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  • A advice. Don't be stressed about fanfiction or editing on wikia or you will miss the point with it. Because you are not being paid to do that. Else you are being paid to do that I am not clear on your life situation. I do those to escape from the reality for a while and the most importantly have fun doing it.

    Once I did gelp a fanfiction writer to start writing. He did stop because he thought why if nobody will read that. I told him that's not what fanfiction is about. He is not getting paid. Who does care if no one reads it? He should write if he wants.

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