Your ancestor lost his mind. He and his shipmen slaughtered these beautiful creatures in cold blood. Genocide.
Helen to Ben

A mermaid or merman (pl. merfolk, or specifically mermaids and mermen) is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fishtail.



Physical Appearance

Mermaid has the upper body of a female human with flowing long hair that covers their back and bare front. The lower part of the body is of a fishtail. Merman has an upper body of a handsome, muscular human male and the scaly tail of a fish.

Notable Mermaids

There are important characters in Siren that are mermaids, but are the predatory kind.

Powers & Abilities

  • Speed Swimming — Merfolk's powerful and streamlined tail and huge flukes can propel them through the roughest waters with incredible speed, grace and agility with minimal restrictions to water resistance. Merfolk can engulf their bodies in bubbles and use them as a jetstream to swim even faster. Like a dolphin, their fins can propel them high out of the water.


Season 1



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