Levi is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Sedale Threatt Jr..

Levi is a warrior merman.

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A warrior merman with an imposing presence.[1]

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Has dark brown skin and deep blue eyes. He is quite muscular and agile. In his merman form, he has scaly silver skin with a muscular torso and a long spiky fish tail. He also has small sharp teeth.

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Levi is naturally aggressive and violent in the water, as a merman. He exhibits this personality in human form as well, especially when he is set out to murder Ryn for staying on land too long. Levi reveals a murderous personality being he killed Sean McClure and tried to kill Ryn and her allies. Overall, Levi is murderous and also holds a strict view on his mermaid colony’s rules (specifically regarding Ryn’s involvement with humans). But he later changes when Ryn becomes the new Alpha mermaid. There, he becomes submissive to her.

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Season 1 Edit

Levi and Donna attacked Ben and other fisherman aboard the ship. He first attacked them with a narwhal horn which was wielded as a spear. He then came aboard the ship and started attacking everyone. He got hurt a couple times, but survived. He was moved into the hold, but transformed into human form and escaped. He stabbed Sean McClure and escaped into the sea.

He returns to the surface along with Donna and mermaid Katrina in order to massacre the humans and to get Ryn to return home to the sea. He dons male clothing and arrivals in Helen's shop, where he is intrigued by all merfolk-related artifacts that Helen had collected over the years.

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Season 1
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Absent
The Lure Absent
Interview With a Mermaid Absent
On the Road Absent
Curse of the Starving Glass Absent
Showdown Absent
Dead in the Water Appears
Being Human Appears
Street Fight Appears
Aftermath Absent

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  • He is the very first merman to appear.
  • He is quite skilled with spears.

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