Katrina is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. She is portrayed by Aylya Marzolf.

Katrina is a mermaid and the former Alpha leader of her colony (recently usurped by Ryn).

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An alpha leader of the mermaid colony.[1]

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Katrina has lighter tan skin, deep violet eyes and shoulder-length light-brown hair.

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As a mermaid, Katrina is naturally violent and aggressive. However, she also follows a strict code and feels morally obligated to uphold them when pertaining to her mermaid colony. Katrina was willing to kill Ryn out of fear, derived from Ryn staying on land for a long period of time, which broke her strict moral code. Katrina’s murderous nature, however, got the best of her and caused her to lose her leadership position in her mermaid colony to Ryn, who bested her in combat, but spared her life, once she surrendered to her.

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Season 1 Edit

Katrina rises to the surface with Donna and the warrior merman Levi. The three of them take human form and proceed further onto land.[2]

After donning clothes she had stolen, she appears in Helen's shop, where she is intrigued by Helen's keepsakes of the things from the sea. Once she finds Ryn, she and merman Levi attempt to take her by force or kill if necessary to get Ryn to return home. She and Levi reveal their true purpose via hissing; that they are here to eradicate humans for what they had done to Donna while experimenting on her, and kill Ryn because of her attachment to humans.

She escapes and is pursued by Dale Bishop, but manages to elude capture. Then, after she confronts Ryn, Ben, Xander, and Donna, she, along with Levi, fights against them before retreating. She then acquires some antique spears from Helen's and uses them as weapons for her fight. She then escapes into the cargo hold where she ambushes Ryn. However, her aggressiveness took hold of her, and she gets bested by Ryn and surrenders after a beating. After Donna gets shot by Xander, she helps transport her to Helen's home before Ryn tells her to return to the colony and never return, under orders that she tell the colony that Ryn is dead.

Season 2 Edit

Many months later, she eventually chose to return to the land where humans dwell, along with four others; three fellow mermaids and one merman.

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Season Two Edit

  • "We are stronger than them"

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Season 1
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Absent
The Lure Absent
Interview With a Mermaid Absent
On the Road Absent
Curse of the Starving Glass Absent
Showdown Absent
Dead in the Water Absent
Being Human Appears
Street Fight Appears
Aftermath Absent

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  • She is the first female leader of a mermaid colony but loses her high-ranking status when Ryn defeats her in combat.
  • She is the third mermaid to appear in the series after Donna and Ryn, respectively.

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