Helen Hawkins is a main character on Freeform's series, Siren. She is portrayed by Rena Owen.

Helen is an antique shop owner and the local folklore expert. Since the resurfacing of mermaids in Bristol Cove, she has formed somewhat of a friendship with Ben Pownall and Maddie Bishop in order to help with Ryn and her sister Donna. She later reveals to Donna that she is a mermaid as well.

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The town eccentric who seems to know more about the mermaids than she lets on.

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Helen has olive skin, black wavy hair, and brown eyes

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In their natural state in the water, they see you as prey. Humans never understood that. It caused a lot of misery.
— Helen to Ben in "Pilot"
Your family's history in this town is bloodier than you know. Your ancestor lost his mind, obsessed. He and his fellow ship-men slaughtered those beautiful creatures in cold blood. Genocide- That's your legacy.
— Helen to Ben in "Pilot"[src]
It's not about trust. No one can know. These creatures were massacred once. It could happen again.
— Helen to Ben and Maddie[src]

Yes .I am one of you.
— Helen to Donna in "Curse of the Starving Class"

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Season 1
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
The Lure Appears
Interview With a Mermaid Appears
On the Road Appears
Curse of the Starving Glass Appears
Showdown N/A
Dead in the Water N/A
Being Human N/A
Street Fight N/A
Aftermath N/A

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