Emily Whitesell is a TV producer and writer. She is the showrunner of the upcoming Freeform series, Siren.


Emily Whitesell began her writing career when she wrote an episode of the TV series Homicide: Life on the Street in 1996. After that, in 1998, she wrote for the show ors and 1 epis and 1 episode of Mind Over Murder in 1999. S in 1999. She later only wrote one episode of Mind in 2007. in 2007.

She was first credited as both a writer and producer in the 1999-2000 TV show Roswell and later in 2000 on Party Of Five. The next year, she also wrote and produced episodes of the show Once and Again. The period of 2002-2005 had her writing and producing episodes of American Dreams. In 2005-2006, she was credited being part of the Crossing Jordan crew. She later involved with Big Shots in 2007-2008 and later Dirty Sexy Money in 2008-2009. She written episodes for and produced the 2010 TV show Life Unexpected, the 2012-2013 series Underemployed, and the 2015 series Finding Carter.[1]


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