Douglas (Doug) Pownall is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Andrew Jenkins.

He is the youngest son of Ted and Elaine Pownall, and the younger brother of Ben.

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Doug inherits much of his physical traits from his father. Doug is lean and has dark blond hair, pale skin, light colored eyes.

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Doug has a kind and loyal personality. He seems more committed to helping his parents than his older brother, especially when it comes to politics in Bristol Cove. Doug also seems to be a social person being he was present at several social gatherings (political events/parties/etc.), which his brother was also at, throughout the first season.

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Season One Edit

Saw her with Maddie.
— Doug to Dale Bishop after seeing a drawn picture of Ryn
Do you think it's fair we're being portrayed as the bad guy here?
— Doug to Ben
We're bigger than that.
— Doug about Pownall Seafood.

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Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
The Lure Absent
Interview With a Mermaid Appears
On the Road Appears
Curse of the Starving Glass Absent
Showdown Appears
Dead in the Water N/A
Being Human Appears
Street Fight N/A
Aftermath Appears

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  • His love life is unknown.
  • He is unaware of Ryn's identity as a mermaid or of the existence of such creatures.

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