Ben Pownall is a main character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Alex Roe.

A descendant of one of Bristol Cove's leading families, Ben is an environmentalist and works as a marine biologist at the Bristol Cove Marine Research Center alongside his girlfriend Maddie Bishop. He is the son of Ted and Elaine Pownall, as well as the brother of Doug Pownall.

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A bright marine biologist who finds himself drawn to a mysterious new girl in town.[1]

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He has short brown hair, blue-green eyes, sharp jawline.

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Ben is both kind and caring, willing to go out of his way to help anyone in need. He didn't even know Ryn or what she was when she jumped out in front of his car. A complete stranger, yet he didn't hesitate to help her.

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Season 1
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
The Lure Appears
Interview With a Mermaid Appears
On the Road Appears
Curse of the Starving Glass Appears
Showdown N/A
Dead in the Water N/A
Being Human N/A
Street Fight N/A
Aftermath N/A

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