Being Human is the eighth episode of the first season of Siren. It premiered on May 10, 2018.


Bristol Cove mourns a loss causing Ryn to experience a new human emotion.[1]


Throughout Bristol Cove, the people have gathered as a minister makes a heartfelt speech about the life of Sean McClure and his many accomplishments, friends and family.

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  • This is when Ryn experiences another human emotion "sorrow and sadness"; the first being love.
  • Xander is told the truth about Ryn to Ben, which upsets him further.
  • Xander's mother Patty makes her debut appearance.
  • Ryn entrances Ben with her soothing, melodic Siren song again since they first met.

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This death my fault.
— Ryn to Ben and Maddie
I put the North Star in danger, Ryn. Not you.
— Ben
You need to keep an eye on Xander. If he were to find out Ryn is one of them.
— Helen warns Ben about Xander's troubled state of mind
I am sorry. They kill your father.
— Ryn to Xander
Ben, you say Ryn is animal. Yes, I am animal but I am human.
— Ryn to Maddie and Ben
Now she trust Ryn
— Ryn to Ben about a sea lion.
Will you sing to me gain?
— Ben to Ryn

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  • Come and Find Me by John Lucas
  • Weight by Lee DeWyze
  • The Heart Is a Muscle by Gang of Youths
  • Jay & the Coyote by Korey Dane
  • Go Head (Donnie Daydream Remix) by Rocstrong
  • Who We Are by Welshly Arms
  • Deal for Yourself by Faustus
  • Black Smoke Rising by Greta Van Fleet

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